Top Ten Book Demons: Exorcise Yours So You Can Write and Get Published!


“You should write a book!” Anyone ever said that to you? Have you thought it to yourself? You know that writing a book and getting published would be a rewarding and meaningful life experience. You kick yourself for not keeping your New Years Resolution and starting your book–it would be selling on Amazon by now! There are often demons (counterproductive internal elements) preventing you from realizing your dream of writing a book and getting published. Working with authors every day, … Continue reading →

Book Marketing Success Story

suncoast digital press

Congratulations, Jean Olsen, massage therapist and author! The latest book marketing success story for a Suncoast Digital Press published author shows how making local contacts can pay off. You can now find 101 Creative Coconut Oil Uses in the large Detwiler’s Farm Market stores. Jean leverages the book in many ways: as a reward for referrals; selling to clients who also buy them to give as gifts; attracting attention to her table at health fairs; selling in local health food … Continue reading →

Be Newsworthy


BE NEWSWORTHY –   Magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, on-line media — they are ALL looking for stories, for news in their niche. Interesting fact: they could care less that you just gave a client of yours such outstanding service that they gave you a bonus, sent you flowers and told everyone you are their hero. They do not care that you received a standing ovation at your last presentation. It could be your biggest life achievement (to you) and not be … Continue reading →

A Great Book Requires A Great Idea…Yours


If this is the year you have resolved to finally write a book, you can quickly evaluate your topic ideas and uncover the one which has the best chance of being completed, published and enjoyed by readers. A great book idea—your great book idea—is one which you are enthusiastic to write about, have the credibility to do so, and simple market research shows that readers are eager to read what you have to share. When you are ready to get … Continue reading →

Write A Book From Your Own Experience – Everyone Has A Spark

“I am a hospice Chaplain. I have access to the most beautiful, complete, polished, wisest people in their final lap of life…priceless.” Shane Dresen is writing a book inspired by the fascinating stories his hospice patients share with him. One day, after being particularly “amazed, humbled, and nourished,” he started jotting notes to himself. He eventually developed the framework for his book, which is not simply a collection of others’ stories – it is his message to readers, young and … Continue reading →