Barbara Dee is President of Suncoast Digital Press, Inc., a master-certified business and personal coach, and author of four books. Her popular magazine column, “Authors, Books and Conversation” is in its third year of consecutive monthly publication in Living on the Suncoast. As a writing coach, editor, and publishing partner to clients throughout the US, Barbara specializes in working with nonfiction writers. Her latest book (co-authored with well-known author Jeffrey Orenstein, Ph.D.) reflects her passion: You Should Can! Write A Book: How to Write What You Know and Self-Publish Your Way to Success (ISBN 978-1-939237-08-8) and is selling on Amazon in both eBook and paperback versions.

Barbara Dee self-published her first book at age seven, handling not only the story-writing but the crayon illustrations, cover design, and stapling. Technology has thankfully come a long way since then, and she is currently working on publishing her books (and helping other authors) in the fast-growing format of audio-books.

She helps people from all backgrounds become published authors. Though her clients include a 90-year-old gentleman publishing his first book of poetry, her specialty is nonfiction business and self-help books whose primary purpose is to catapult the author’s reputation, personal brand, and credibility.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Barbara Dee knows the importance of strategic marketing which helps one stand out, exude excellence, and attract ideal clients. She believes that writing a book does this better and faster than any other means within the professional’s control.  As founder and president of Planet Computer Services, Inc. (Atlanta, GA), Barbara learned the value of leveraging personal expertise as the most affordable way to advertise and reach a target market. In her ten years as a professional coach in private practice (Charleston, SC), she learned that no matter what your business or personal goals are, being a published author can, and did, help many of her clients succeed in building their reputation and revenues. She founded a web site and blogs about nonfiction books, eBooks in particular,

She preaches what she practices, frequently speaking to groups and organizations about the self-publishing revolution. Barbara serves as President of Toastmasters International’s South Sarasota Club, and uses her speaking skills to bring awareness and raise funds for The Y-Foundation’s community programs for children.  She also helped establish the Kaizen Total Wellness Center, and enjoys a healthy lifestyle, especially fishing in Sarasota Bay.