New Featured Authors

Here are a few of the books Barbara has recently edited, published or reviewed.
Most every book is available in paperback and eBook formats, and some also in hardcover.

People Centered Leadership-min

amazonbuttonIt’s personal! Finally readers can see new case studies of companies who have sustainable success by focusing on both great relationships and results. NBA leadership guru, Pat Williams, told me he loves this book because of its unique take on the type of leadership he also believes in, people-centered leadership. (Check out the Foreword by Pat!) 


amazonbuttonThis gorgeous cookbook has intriguing recipes plus includes the best explanation I’ve seen on “clean eating.” I have a degree in Nutrition Science and am pleased that Staci’s suggestions are truly smart and healthy choices. I learned a lot about new products on the market that make this type of cooking so easy. Staci did a fantastic job taking photos of her ready-to-serve dishes and meals. Another great reason to get this book is that 100% of the proceeds goes to help special needs kids go to camp.



What a creative way to tell an important and compelling story–as a screenplay. One can easily imagine this tale playing on the Big Screen as a great movie. Angela (among her many talents) is an actress and I will not be surprised if FIREBURN has a role for her in the future. What better way to learn about and more deeply understand a significant past era and event than through historical fiction? While “Fireburn” happened on St. Croix, anyone interested in the Caribbean and/or Caribbean history will enjoy this book. We tend to hear a lot about post-slavery times in the US, but so much was going on in our neighboring islands, too.



Could a book be more timely?! This project is close to my heart. Probably you too know someone who has been affected by a sexual predator. We cannot turn back time and prevent that—but we certainly can take some simple, effective actions which will prevent future victimizations of both children and adults. You may think you are aware of today’s issues…this book will be eye-opening. Share this with teachers, parents, and everyone who wants abuse to stop.

Eyes of Glass-min

amazonbuttonHave you read a great sci-fi or fantasy novel lately? This is every bit as good as Clan of the Cave Bear or The Hunger Games, and has similarities to both. Len created an alternate world that is original, believable, and fascinating. Some like it because a young woman turns out to be not only a master archer, but a brave hero/role model. But the main character is her brother, Marz Kavoyy, and he is magnetic and addicting. I want to read a million more chapters in his life.



Based on the premise that  people whom you  lead will trust you based more on who you are as a person than on what you did or can do. A West Point and Northwestern grad, Bob taught leadership at the Academy and was in charge of Army Leadership Policy and Programs in the Pentagon. He graduated from “Harvard Advanced Management” and assists CEO’s in corporate-wide leadership development systems.  

Shark Tooth CapitalamazonbuttonJudi not only created a beautiful children’s book, full of fascinating facts and secrets about Florida’s fossils, she memorialized a joy-filled moment in her late husband’s life — the time he found a 6-inch long Megaladon shark tooth off the coast of Venice, Florida. 

Create a RippleamazonbuttonKaren’s many many fans know she has a lot to say, and much wisdom to share. In this brief e-book, she clearly and concisely explains what we should focus on in order to have the most lasting impact on others and the world.

Blind Viksio-min


Retired veteran and purple heart recipient, Howard Myers, and his son, Chad Myers, a life coach, bring valuable life lessons from Howard’s journey from trauma (i.e., losing his eyesight while serving in Viet Nam) to triumph (recovering his strength and fortitude to achieve national sales awards in his career while raising a family) to readers who seek encouragement, hope, and inspiration to overcome any especially difficult challenge.



Endorsed by the Zig Ziglar organization, Dave’s breakthrough book has the most concise and easy-to-apply advice I’ve seen in a small business success book….”breakthrough book” because now, as a published author, he had an instant credibility boost and greatly expanded his professional speaking opportunities.

A Thousand Stones


First in a series, A Thousand Stones is an historical fiction set in Europe during the Vietnam War era. There is a mystery to solve, a sabotage to uncover, militant war protestors to both love and hate…. and of course plenty of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Sanford’s characters are each so different — my favorite is Nate Cooper. We can look forward to more of Nate and friends in the second book of the series, The Blue Vienna (fall 2017).

Winning the production game


Fast solutions to long-standing headaches, problems and desk disasters. Greg Vetter boiled down his 25 years of organizing, workflow, and productivity expertise into specific tips. Diagrams and step-by-step clarity provide everything needed to tackle any desk, office or entire company. Implementing even one of these will reduce feeling stuck and stressed.



Don was easy to work with….I did the work, Don played golf! In this book, he reveals his success secrets and he is for real. Update: This book just picked up in a College of Business curriculum.

Bells of Americaamazonbutton

A remarkable man’s collection of history, stories and facts culminate in this beautiful book. With over 200 full-color photos and images, this is a both a reference book and one you’ll want on your coffee table. Editions available in hardcover and paperback.

Valient the Few


WWII novels are growing in popularity, especially among veterans. Len was attentive to historically accurate detail when writing this action-packed story which captures the experience of soldiers in the Pacific theater.

Echoes From Punjab


An extraordinary first novel by a woman from India who brings her characters to life with flawless consistency and grace. I hope she writes a sequel.

BridgeLove to Freedom


What I didn’t know I didn’t know about World War II —fascinating!  Reinhold was there. Berlin comes alive as he weaves the story and characters through drama and history and ends up at joy and an immense appreciation for freedom.



Laurel has a big following because her healing message, art, and writing are all beautiful. Now her gorgeous book is available in both eBook and print.



When you are 90, what will you be up to? How about publishing your first book! WWII veteran Nat Polsky’s poems capture humor, nostalgia, philosophy and love.

Bountiful Buffet


If your muse is awakened, even at age 90, heed your creative urges like Nat Polsky who has published Volume 2 of poems which reflect a long and well-lived life.


Nat Polsky’s rhyming poems are great to read out loud (all ages can enjoy them). Publishing Vol 3 of poetry at age 91—wow, that was a great accomplishment.

Wishful Thinkingamazonbutton

My wishful thinking is that I would be observing, thinking, synthesizing, creating, and writing poetry every day….when I am in my 90’s like Nat Polsky.


My first published book. This is a story of reassurance (to be read to young children) for children when parents divorce.


Fascinating book. Let’s get this in the hands of every college-aged student so that they understand relevant history and today’s pressing needs of America.


Arturo was as excited as a new dad when this book was released. He’s an emotional guy — as you’ll learn in this passionate tale.

The General MangleramazonbuttonIf you’ve worked in, managed or owned a restaurant, you’ll recognize the cast of characters this author (a restauranteur writing under a pen name) shows us “behind the scenes.” Funny but biting.

Money Wealth Freedom319x500amazonbuttonSteve is a thought leader who can put more profound insight and useful ideas on one page than many people can in an entire book.

Outhouse to PenthouseamazonbuttonAt 84, Marie is just about to leave for a 3-month trip around the world. But first she wanted to secure her legacy, publishing her fascinating memoir which starts with her true “Grapes of Wrath” childhood.

Traveling to DeathamazonbuttonEspecially for travel enthusiasts, Penelle’s writing is wonderful because she has a background leading tours all over the world. Having never been to the NW US-Canadian border, I thought the setting was perfect and added to the intrigue of the “murder mystery.”

Passage to Cubaamazonbutton

Once again, I got caught up in the story and mystery and accidentally got educated! I learned a lot about Cuba I didn’t know, while enjoying a good read.


Tired of trying to sort out green car facts from fiction? Chris makes it easy. And check out the back cover endorsement from Stephen King!!


Joe’s book is both brilliant and simple—not an easy task to accomplish.  His focus is always to help the reader gain both confidence and determination.

Confronting Chordoma CanceramazonbuttonEveryone has been touched by cancer in their own life or close. Susan is a role model for dealing with terrifying news – she stays in her adult self (researching, making informed decisions, taking action) while allowing her loved ones to also fully support her. Share this story with anyone facing such a challenge.

Everything ScatteredamazonbuttonPetra has the good fortune to live on an island in Hawaii where spiritual, new-thought, visionary people are often drawn.  Her words flow…not with the anger of a volcano, but with the unfaltering grace and power of waves. She shares stories and wisdom, giving credit to channeled assistance.

Beyond the Lightamazonbutton

By an extraordinary process of listening within, with about two years of focus and recording, Lorna was inspired to write nearly 700 pages of guided wisdom and enlightenment.


I got so into writing this book I forgot to exercise (ha!). It is an easy-to-follow guide for those wanting to lose weight, have a healthy lifestyle, and feel great.



Collaborating with Dr. Orenstein to write this information-packed book was a great experience. My “coaching” style is easy to follow.