Barbara and her team of professionals at Suncoast Digital Press did a wonderful job on my recent publication, Lessons of a Top Producer:  The Financial Advisor’s Playbook for the Million Dollar Year.  From editing and proofing, to cover design and artwork, Barbara worked tirelessly to finish the project and bring the book to market.

From the onset of the project, Barbara was a constant source of encouragement and continued to keep the project on course.  From guiding me through writers block, title frustration, and cover design, Barbara always kept her eye on the final prize and ultimately produced a publication that I am extremely proud to have my name on.

Don Watson
Lessons of a Top Producer

My book came into being because of Barbara Dee. I had never known what the real role of an editor was in the production of a book. I do now. Sure, the source material for my book was created over an eighteen-year period through the weekly publication of “Steve’s 3-Minute Coaching” subscription articles, and sure I’ve known for some time that I wanted to create books that were extractions of that material—even many friends, clients, readers and colleagues had told me to do so. But not until Barbara came on board to organize and edit the project did it happen.  She has been a tireless co-creator, a constant inspiration, a knowledgeable publishing resource, and yes, and occasional kick-in-the-pants to keep me on point…

Steve Straus
Money, Wealth & Freedom

Barbara Dee, highly recommended by the Suncoast publishers, is currently my editor and mentor. Previously, I had my manuscript reviewed by another agent who had suggested that I should make drastic changes if I ever want to publish my novel. Her suggestions were not well-informed. Barbara, on the other hand, gave me an intelligent, educated and informed review that my husband, a Ph.D. in literature, thoroughly agreed with her on. Since then Barbara has not only edited my 300-page novel, she has given me a finalized book form documents in PDF and in Word.  Throughout this project she had suggested changes that made sense to me and her positive remarks made me very confident about my writing. I can recommend her any time. Barbara is very personable, pleasant and a diligent editor.  I have already recommended her to work with another writer whom I met in the Writers’ Conference recently.

D. Ranajee
Echoes from Punjab

Writing a book has been the most fulfilling experience of my life…In working closely with Barbara, I not only had someone to help construct the book in a formal sense (editing, formatting and proofing), but more importantly, someone that consistently encouraged me to continue in pursuit of my goal. From the initial time Barbara invested in looking over my manuscript, to the details of what I should do post-publication, I’m forever grateful for all of her guidance.  She continued to help nourish my dream with a road map made possible by her experience and passion for her work.

Arturo Santos, Jr.
All Out for Love

Barbara Dee is an editor and reviewer “par excellent”.  She is thorough in her study of the work submitted and astute in identifying the high points as well as those needing revision. Barbara goes the extra mile to help the writer with suggestions if requested, while helping the individual identify their own objectives.  Her coaching style is professional yet patient with an aim to develop the best in the writer.

Penell B. Skinner
Traveling to Death

Dear Barbara: I thank you so much for the “First Cut” editing work that you provided for me on my first book, and for the wonderful coaching, advice and support you’ve shown me on this project. Just to have a pair of professional eyes, with no agenda either  way, view my words and open my eyes to how they showed up to others was (shall I beat this metaphor to death?) eye-opening! Particularly helpful was your editing of the first chapter, in which you provided specific wording suggestions that were so much clearer and more concisely communicated what I was struggling to convey. And frankly, just the “sanity check” of having you tell me, honestly (which is what I asked for) whether I should simply put the handwritten manuscript back in the box for another 40 years and just keep my day job. Your professional thumbs up to the basic work and showing me specifics that “someone” would have to do to make it a success, was invaluable. The BEST money I could have spent! I plan to use you more, as my first book sells, to ease the job with the many sequels I have in mind for Nate and Charlie. Steve Straus, our mutual Coach and friend, did me the greatest favor pointing me your way. But then, as you know, I do enjoy the Luck of the Irish! Regards.

Michael D. Sanford
Lust & War